If you’re ever looked online for a chat site odds are at some point you’ve come across Omegle, because it is the most famous and most popular site for randomly meeting strangers on the internet! Founded way back in 2009, this awesome application was originally a text-only service. This being the case, it originally didn’t take off nearly as much, and was easily passed up by Chatroulette when it emerged onto the scene. However, Chatroulette lost its way in many respects and Omegle quickly came out with it’s own video version which propelled it past Chatroulette to being number one again in the world of random chat sites.

Other than the simple text or video choice you have on Omegle, there is quite a bit going on in the background. They have robust anti-spam systems in place, along with real human moderators to help reduce the number of naked people you run into. These extra features, along with a simple easy to use interface have helped them maintain their number one status continuously, and I doubt any up and coming sites have any chance of overtaking them at this point in time. Of course, with how quickly the internet has changed in the past, who knows whether this will hold up, only time will tell.

As far as safety is concerned on Omegle, don’t give out your personal information unless you are absolutely sure it’s worth it. You never know what the true intentions are of anyone you meet there, or online in general, so you can’t be too careful. There are scammers and blackmailers everywhere these days, so always be aware of that and keep in the back of your mind. Other than that, just relax, meet new people, and have a great time!