Meet Skip

This is one of the newer sites like Omegle, but being new doesn’t make it any less awesome! Meet Skip is a free random chat site / app, with a focus on mobile compatibility. In other words, they want their random chat rooms to work on any phone, tablet, laptop, and so on without any issues. They also wanted their website to work super fast and be super easy to use, and they definitely succeeded on those two points. However, the biggest thing they wanted to add that Omegle doesn’t even have, is the ability to share photos during your conversations. Well, they did it! Now, when you chat with strangers you can send pictures from your camera roll, and it works perfectly. Don’t believe me? Just give it a try, after all it’s totally free. I absolutely love this feature, because not being able to send images really makes it hard to connect with people a lot of times. It really adds a much needed aspect of visualization as you talk to strangers, and definitely helps you make more friends online. As an example, I shared a funny picture of one of my trips I went on while we were discussing travel and where we were both from, and my chat partner loved it.

The MeetSkip website is completely 100% free and anonymous, and no registration is needed. They want to make sure you maintain your privacy, and it’s always nice to hear a chat site that – it makes me feel more comfortable using the app. Despite being pretty new, Meet Skip still has lots of users online any time I visit. I get connected instantly to a stranger whenever I try to start a chat session, and I get lots of new people, not the same ones over and over. So, when you combine the fact that there are enough users with all the great features and how well their chat rooms work on my phone, this is definitely one of my top picks for random chat apps available online. If you like what you hear head on over to their Random Chat Rooms Site today! If you want to know more, I don’t have much more to tell. But, if you want you can check out a cool video about MeetSkip below: