iMeetzu is a site that is about as similar to Omegle as you can find! They offer a really well-done random text chat service along with the usual Chatroulette-style random video chat option. However, iMeetzu then goes a step further by also adding in a “group” chat room option (where everyone can see everyone else in the room, just like the old fashioned online chat rooms we’re accustomed to). Then, they go yet another step further by adding a social network for meeting new friends. Since this social network is built upon the user base of one of the best sites like Omegle, you can imagine the community is going to be really cool compared to your average social network available!

So yes, all of that is included in just one single website. I’m guessing by now you’re convinced you should give it a try but if not lets also mention what sets iMeetzu’s text chat apart from other sites, including even Omegle! You see, they wanted to create a service that solved all of the annoying problems you might have on Omegle text-only, and one of the most annoying such issues is that you can’t send images in the middle of your conversations! I mean come on, how else can you get your chat partner to want to keep talking to you in the future if they can’t even see a picture of what you look like? The answer is you probably can’t. Of course, you can also use images in other ways, such as to simply embellish a topic of conversation with imagery you find while web searching. The possibilities really are endless, just like with any other modern medium you use from texting to Facebook.