Chatroulette was the first site to catch on with a random video chat room. Omegle actually came out before Chatroulette, but initially they only had a random text chat. Thus, it’s obvious why Chatroulette was able to initially overtake them and jump to insane popularity. The phenomenon, however, didn’t hold up for a number of reasons. The site is still pretty popular today, and offers a login system that helps take care of the nudity issue, but they have not been able to regain their past level of popularity, which is now owned by Omegle instead. A big part of this is likely the necessity for users to create accounts before they can begin using the service. This, of course, removes a certain level of anonymity that users have grown accustomed to with chat sites. However, there are perks to the changes, such as what I already mentioned about the reduction in nudity, but also the ability to use a token system to ensure you are connected with a stranger of the gender you want to chat with. If you have any experience with random chat app sites, you know that one of the most frustrating things can be weeding through the users until you find someone of the desired sex.

At any rate, I would say it’s definitely worth still checking out the founderĀ of random video chatting. The community there is likely a bit different from the community on the other major sites in the niche, so if you want to change things up a bit in that way it’s definitely worth a visit. If you want the potential pool of people to be as big as possible, you need to check out all of the similar sites like Chatroulette and Omegle though, so keep surfing, and happy chatting!